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Resume / CV 

Freelance Dance Artist, Performer, &  Educator Located Currently in the Bay Area but relocating soon to SoCal (Los Angeles). 


2024 - exp grad 2026

M.F.A. Choreographic Inquiry
University of California, Los Angeles

Leveraging Socal resources in Latinidad to work in current dance creation and understanding on topics intersecting Mexican/Chicanx/Latinx identity with Queer motifs. 

2022 - 2024


University of California, Berkeley 

Majored in Dance & Performance Studies with a minor in Theater & Performance Studies Minor. 

Used my two years here to broaden my scope of theatrical dance elements including Lighting Design, Costume Design, Stage Management, Production Management, Travel competition, Choreography, and more. 

Relevant courses in dance: Intermediate &  Adv Modern Dance technique, Sources of Movement, and more. 

2016 - 2022

A. A. Dance
Fresno City College

Engaged in all forms of dance to gain a better understanding of body awareness and control. Dance forms range from Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Choreography, and multiple semester productions as performer and choreographer. 

Multi classes spread across West Hills College - Lemoore, College of the Sequoias and Fresno City College (as well as State Center Community College District schools). 


Broad Experience encompassing all forms of arts and job corporations. For a specified look please reach out via Contact page. 

Light Board Operator 

January 2024 - February 2024

- Light Board Operator for Berkeley Dance Project 2023/24 production at UC Berkeley directed by Lisa Wymore and Iu-Hui Chua. Immediate supervisor Ray Oppenheimer (lecturer for Advanced Lighting Design).

-Readily changed Lighting based off of Stage Manager (Bailey Garon) Cues. 

Assistant Stage Manager

August 2023 - December 2023

-Assisted in UC Berkeley's production of Wintertime. Directed by Christopher Herold. Stage Managed by Lauren Chang. 

-Facilitated costuming paperwork and people management.

-Stepped during rehearsal readings for absences in cast members. 

-Coordinated in the creation of communication via email and in person. 

"Master Dance Class"

FCC Dance Expo July 2023 & July 2024

-Engaged in community dance class teaching styles encompassing modern and contemporary. 

-Curated an open level type class for brand new dancers to advanced dancers in the Central Valley area. 


David Herrera Performance Company - LatinXtensions 2023 Cohort Member 

January 2023 - December 2023

David Herrera Performance Company's LatinXtensions is the onlycomprehensive culturally centered mentorship and networking program in theUnited States. The 12-month program advises emerging Latinx dance artistsin developing their professional artistic practice. Capacity building focuses onnon-profit management skills, producing, grant writing practice, equity bestpractices, engaging communities, building artistic networks, articulating values,and long-term career goals. Participants will exchange ideas, collectivelytroubleshoot production and administrative problems, and develop ways tocreate and support each other as a community. The program's second focus creates a network with other regional andnational Latinx artists; thus developing a rich and thriving community supportsystem of dance artists, presenters, curators, and collaborators. Otherestablished Latinx , POC, and LGBTQ professional dance artists serve asguest speakers throughout the year expanding the knowledge base andnetwork of participants. Previous guest speakers have included Rosie Herrera,Alfonso Cervera, Vanessa Sanchez, Kyoung Park, Jackie Lopez, GeraldCasel, Irvin Gonzalez, and more.

Dancing Gilmtzm

This section encompasses the Performer side of Gilmtzm (Gilberto Martinez Martinez). This ranges from most recent work with Lenora Lee to student showcase performances. 

Performer Experience

June 2023 - February 2024

In Visilbity & Convergent Waves: EP San Francisco

Lenora Lee Dance

- Collaborated in the production of Lenora Lee's 15th Anniversary Show at Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco. 

- Perfromed int he world premiere of Lenora Lee's In Visibility and Convergent Waves: EP San Francisco. 

- Collaborated in choreographing solo and group choreography sections to meld together the artistic work of the group. 

- Participated in community building and research cultivation on topics as immigration and resources useful for migrant families. 

- Translator for community events before and after shows. 

- Collaborated in the creation of the multimedia production based on research topics in immigration and US Policy for migration. 

Sept 2022 - February 2023

Restaging of Within These Walls
Lenora Lee Dance

- Collaborated in the restaging of Within These Walls as the Investigator role as inspired by the experience of those detained and processed at  Angel Island Immigration Station. 

August 2022 - Dec 2023

Choreography Showcase
University of California, Berkeley

Lead dancer in only trio of showcase. 

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