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Dance Avenues

Dancing the life away has brought me to Perform, Choreograph, and even teach!

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I've worked with Fresno City College, University of California - Berkeley, Fresno State University, Lenora Lee & Lenora Lee Dance., Fellow peer projects, and more. Here are some of the photos/video links to some of the work. 



I have been choreographing different types of work for a little over 7 years. Starting in the art form of Colorguard and Winterguard to Modern, contemporary, and more. Here is a couple of excerpts thus far.



I've been teaching for six + years in a public school system setting with ages ranged from 11 to 18. In the later years of teaching youth, I started also teaching choreography and some drop-in classes in the Central Valley and Bay Area  with four + years teaching adults. 

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